Through Knowles, I hope to gain a better understanding of how to support students in their process of making sense of mysteries.”

David’s Story

As an undergraduate engineering student at Alfred University, David Streib conducted research in laboratories and worked as an engineer at a glass company. It was when he became a teaching assistant, tutoring large groups of students, that he realized that what he really enjoyed doing and what he was really good at was inspiring young minds.

As a teacher in Quito, Ecuador, where he taught for two years, David was challenged in ways beyond his imagination. There he realized that “teaching has the highest earning potential of any career: the potential to touch a life and to shape our future.”

A fluent Spanish speaker, David spends his free time tutoring students and works as a medical interpreter with the Spanish Action League. His experiences in Ecuador prepared him to deal with the most difficult of situations. ”Our world is changing so rapidly we can barely keep up. As a global society, we will need to work together to solve novel problems for the good of humanity.”

David attended C.W. Baker High School in Baldwinsville, N.Y.  As a physics teacher, he hopes to work with students from a variety of backgrounds, fulfilling his goal of “conveying to students a sense of wonder and interest not only in science, but in their own abilities and potential.”