Teachers should have an elevated voice in our society due to the tremendous impact they have on the future of society. Teachers should feel empowered to use that voice to create environments that are conducive to student learning and growth—for some, that voice might just be within the school; for others, within a district; others still, across a state or nation. If teachers’ voices become valued, tremendous positive change could be affected in our education system.”

Justin’s Story

Teaching Discipline


Why Physics

“I chose physics for two reasons: 1) I really enjoyed it when I took it in high school, even though it was challenging and 2) most people I talk to either didn’t like it or were afraid to ever take it. I don’t think another subject evokes a more visceral, negative reaction than physics. I want to change that. I want the students that I am able to reach to have the same positive experience with physics that I did because it is fun! And it is all around us.”

Professional Experience

Justin worked as a writing center consultant for two years while studying at the University of Mississippi. He also worked as a Laboratory Teaching Assistant for one semester. As a Graduate Research Fellow with the University of Mississippi’s Center for Mathematics and Science Education (CMSE), he worked as a portable planetarium facilitator, traveling to facilitate a planetarium experience for K–12 students across the state of Mississippi, and developed and led professional development for K–12 teachers.

Justin began teaching at Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy during the 2018–2019 school year.


Justin played ice hockey for 18 years, including five at the collegiate club level and two as a coach. After moving to New Orleans, he took up golf.

Academic Background

  • University of Mississippi (Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction)
  • University of Mississippi (Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Science Education, Physics)