I hope to use my passion for teaching and mathematics to help my students see beyond the stigma that surrounds math, to show them that it can be useful and enjoyable.”

Lauren’s Story

Growing up in a supportive family that loves learning and teaching, Lauren Wiltsie knew early on she was destined to become a teacher. As a child, she loved playing school and going to Take Your Daughter to Work Day at the high school where her mother taught. She also attributes her career choice to having exceptional teachers in her life. “I was lucky to have worked with amazing mathematics teachers and professors who encouraged my natural love of mathematics, as well as provided excellent role models for what a teacher should be.”

Whether tutoring, serving as a teaching assistant, leading the color guard or working as a camp counselor, Lauren discovered that she enjoyed trying to figure out how her students learn best and adapting to their needs.

Lauren graduated summa cum laude from both Chelsea High School in Chelsea, Michigan and Kalamazoo College, where she majored in mathematics and double minored in physics and French. Lauren loves all things French, from speaking the language to playing the French horn, but her heart belongs in her home state of Michigan.

Knowles Academy Courses Taught

Designing Instructional Tasks to Increase Student Engagement and Learning in Math