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Call and Response: What is Your Teacher Superpower?We asked teachers in the Knowles community to reply to this prompt: “We know that what the non-teaching world thinks of as teacher superpowers are not the superpowers we teachers know to be effective in the classroom. So, we want to know: What is your teacher superpower?” Here are their responses. 2020
Being Open to Surprise: Confronting Assumptions Through a Puzzling MomentBy being willing to ask questions about our practice teachers can reach deeper questions, and by situating ourselves as protagonists in the story (only we can change—we cannot force change upon others), I am certain we as educators can make incremental and powerful progress towards improving educational outcomes for students like Jamie, Kylie, or Elizabeth.2017
When Relationship Building FailsUltimately, building relationships sometimes fails, but I will and must continue to try to build them.2017
Future StoriesI realized that the opportunity to help students develop into leaders is one of the main things that motivates me (and many others) to teach.2017
Our Future Should Be Bright: Advancing a Gratitude MindsetA gratitude mindset cultivates optimism by emphasizing not what is lacking, but what is present.2017