Emily’s Story

Emily received a BA in biology and Asian and African literature and languages, with a concentration in Chinese, from Duke University and earned her teaching certificate from the University of Washington. Upon graduation, she spent nine months in Liberia and Kenya helping rebuild the education system that was destroyed as a result of civil war and strife in these countries. She co-founded an adult education school in Liberia and taught at an elementary school in Kenya. Emily is currently involved in raising support for these schools from the U.S.

Emily always loved science but felt uncertain about her career path. It wasn’t until she lived in Liberia that “the value of education took on a whole new meaning” and she decided to pursue education in graduate school.

Proficient in French and Chinese, Emily was born in Paris and moved to the U.S. from France in 1985. At Duke, she was on the Dean’s List and was awarded the Freeman Foundation Scholarship for study abroad. Her extensive teaching and tutoring experience ranges from helping students with their homework at a local Boys and Girls Club to teaching English in Hangzhou, China. Emily began teaching at Hillsdale High School in 2008 and has since developed a biology peer tutoring program at the school.

I believe that high school students can and should experience relevant and hands-on science learning. One of my goals is to help students take ownership of their biology education and see how it relates to their lives outside of the classroom walls.